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iPhone Apps by SYDCON Web Development, Inc.Interested in taking your firm one step further in technology? Why not create an iPhone or iPad Application for your business? iPhone/iPad application development is an important step in a business' growth. You have an idea that merits the creation of something separate from your website, whether it is for quick purchasing or a game related to your company or just for fun. So what is the next step to take? The idea is nice to have, but a fully-functioning mobile app will be even better...

iPhone and iPad apps are a great way to boost your marketing efforts. With Social Media and Mobile technology on the rise, now is the time to find the right Chicago iPhone app developers to bring your company to the fingertips of the 44 million+ iPhone users. You can corner the market and jump ahead of your competition by developing an iOS app that allows your customers functionality that the other companies just can't, raising your profits and exposure.

Want to be able to sync shipping information with customers? Cut down on order processing times with apps instead of paperwork? Turn the camera on your iPhone or iPad into a scanner? All of this and so much more is possible.

iPhone and iPad app development offers your company another communications channel. The app can be an extension of your website by pulling data from it; an app can also be a completely separate entity. The nice thing about a mobile app is the user does not need to be on the internet to access the app because the app itself works within the device. Since they are used on mobile devices, they are accessible anywhere and at any time.

Customers like to see businesses with apps because it shows that you are up to speed with current technologies. Apps look and work better on mobile devices than websites do because of their ability to access device-only functionality such as the GPS, camera, or contacts list.

"SYDCON was more than accommodating. After the final product was created, SYDCON was able to provide us some ideas to make the app even more functional and to reach out to more people. We did not expect this type of service. They did their homework and were able to bring a much better idea to reality. We highly recommend SYDCON for any web based or app based needs."

-Sean McGrath, President, Operation Click

SYDCON Web Development, Inc. offers iOS development in Chicago to assist you in accomplishing your company's business goals with a custom iPhone or iPad application available through Apple's App Store. SYDCON's proven track record of creating custom, easy-to-use applications was a natural spring board for our iPhone developer division that helps bring a local solution to your iOS development project. We staff experts in iPhone and iPad app development and have been helping businesses create specific apps for their companies since mobile apps first hit the marketplace.

  • SYDCON can bring your app ideas to life by combining our custom programming skills with existing graphics or create a new stellar look for your application that compliments your existing website
  • We have experience crafting apps for iPhone or iPad users in native codes as well as HTML5 and Javascript to allow for both device-specific and universal apps
Inquire today about our iPhone application development capabilities and take advantage of our Free Consultation to see how we can create a highly functional, easy-to-use application to add to your marketing efforts.

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iPhone/iPad Applications Developed By SYDCON

The first generation MT S-Scope App allows users to access proprietary stethoscope sound files for a variety of conditions.

Don't over complicate success. This app will keep you on track. OneByte at a time.

- Use OneByte to help you manage yourself to new success.
- String daily wins together resulting in higher productivity.
- Create a goal based agenda reflecting the needs of your business.
- Increase accountability to your goals with OneByte 'buddy' sharing.

- Universal App

Since 1998, Operation Click has been urging high school age drivers to buckle their seat belts in order to save lives. Since the program's inception, seat belt usage by teen drivers in Crystal Lake has risen from 65% compliance to 95% compliance.

This program has been successful through the generous support of local business owners, services, clubs, and individuals that have donated prizes, and funds to purchase prizes, that are awarded to students 'caught' wearing their seat belts.

- Universal App

Seatbelt Survey - Sean McGrath

Parking RSVP will reserve your parking spot anywhere you go. Have a meeting in downtown Chicago? No problem, just press Search Near Me and reserve your parking spot.

Going to a sporting event? No problem…just select the sport and team you are going to see and Parking RSVP will display available parking lots near your location.

Key Features:
- Search Near Me (press the button and available parking lots near you will display)
- Sport stadium parking reservations
- Universal App


Want to know how much your favorite baseball player makes? This app will tell you how much every player in the MLB makes.

Search by:
- Team
- Position
- Top 10
- Top 25
- Top 50

- Universal App

Baseball Salaries

Chicago Sports Feeds is an iPad only application that brings you all of the local sports news to your iPad. It features sports news feeds from the following sources:

Chicago Tribune

Chicago Sun-Times

Fox Sports

Comcast Sports Net


The Score 670

Daily Herald


KidText is an application for parents to know what their kids are saying in text and chat conversations. Text and chat conversations can be constructed of acronyms that parents just won't understand. This reference guide will let you know what is being said!


This application list the winners from the PGA Tour's four major tournaments.


Presidential Facts is an application that will display a random fact of each of the Presidents of the United States.


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