Custom software developed and tailored to your business needs.

Let us show you how creating custom web applications can enhance your business.

We build secure, highly scalable custom databases to power your business.


We’re Not in the Business of Development, But in Outcomes

Yes, we are a custom software development company with a team of software developers and engineers, but our goal is never to complete a new piece of code. Instead, we see it as our purpose to help you drive the business outcome you’re looking to reach, using our custom development as a vehicle to help you do just that.
We are passionate about technology, that is true, but we’re also passionate about hearing how our customers have gone on to generate revenue from our solutions.

What business impact are you trying to drive?


Do more without adding more. Our experts can help you identify areas of inefficiencies or help you solve already identified roadblocks.


Are you looking to increase your revenue, improve profitability or directly impact the happiness of your customers? SYDCON is obsessed with first knowing and then helping you impact those areas.


Data stops being an assets and becomes a liability if it’s not secure. Let us help you ensure that you and your customers’ data is secure.


Technology innovation isn’t a side-project passion, it’s the core of our business. Your business must continue to innovate how you incorporate technology in you operations and services. We can help you do just that.

Does Your Project Actually Require Custom Development?

Not every project requires custom development, but the real question is does yours? Use our free and open quiz to determine if your project requires custom software, application, web or database development.


"We have been working with SYDCON since 2015. We had a huge increase of website traffic in Jan 2016 and they have been so helpful. When our site went down they helped us work with the server and quickly returned the site to be active. We have made a lot of changes to our site over the last year and they amount of attentiveness they offer to our projects is out of this world. When we are looking to do something new they always offer the best suggestions and help guide us in the right direction. Also the time frame for projects are amazing. They have been able to help us complete projects in a timely manner. Most importantly, when I notice something is off with our site they are quickly available to jump on it. Our website is extremely important to our business and they are always there to help when needed. I highly recommend SYDCON. "

- Kylie Wasik
Director of Marketing
Restore Hair