Are you looking to integrate third-party functionality into your website? Can your website benefit from the use of external data? If you answered yes, then integrating your website with an outside API is something to consider. Not all functionality needs to be handled within your website. There are times when integrating your website with an outside entity increases what your customers can do on your website. This additional functionality makes your site more streamlined and efficient while also being easier for you and your customers to use.

The number of outside APIs is seemingly endless meaning the potential for your website is also. Some of the API integrations we consistently perform are:

  • E-commerce: Connect with an API that checks a customer's credit or debit card to approve or deny onsite payment. Or consider PayPal API integration which allows you to use PayPal as your payment gateway.
  • Social Media: Websites that want posts from social media to be displayed on the site itself, without a user having to go to the respective social media site to see the posts, are also able to do so. Allow for tweets to be displayed on your web page. Let users "like" certain things with their accounts using Facebook API integration. Embed a Flickr API to display pictures from a profile... the options for social media integration are many.
  • Google Maps API Integration: Allow users to pull up your business' location or find your business based on a search for like products. Utilize the Google Maps API platform to enable customers to find your business.
  • FedEx/UPS Tracking: Incorporate real-time shipping information and allow your customers to track the delivery of their order.

These are only a few of the possible API integration scenarios you can utilize on your website; you can see the dynamic potential using outside API brings. SYDCON has experience integrating outside APIs with various types of websites providing an array of products and services. Our Chicago-based developers are able to integrate any API you require, as they are highly skilled in the multiple scripting languages used to code websites. And our development team can offer you unique functionality, depending on your website's needs, which we discuss during our free consultation.

What we do for you depends on your specific requirements because we believe in providing a customized experience, every time. We develop creative, dynamic websites unlike anything seen on the web that function without flaw. And because we are family owned and operated, you are treated to a customer experience unlike any other. Our open and honest approach has received nothing but positive reviews.

If you are interested in setting up a meeting or just want to ask a question about API integration on your website, feel free to contact us at (815) 596-9030. We are available Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5pm CST. Your website is capable of so much more by integrating an outside API; let us help you achieve its full capability.


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