A common worry among business owners is that once their website is complete, they will lack the technical expertise to make updates causing the website to become antiquated with stale information and a lack of new pages. Or they will have to hire a full-time webmaster to make site updates. How can anyone at your company easily publish blog posts, update the news section, add new information or delete items that are no longer relevant?The solution is a Content Management System, or CMS.

Oftentimes third-party content management systems can lead to problems:

  • Third-party content management systems have a huge learning curve for non-technical site administrators which often leaves only about 10% of the functionality able to be used
  • Third-party content management systems are more vulnerable to hacking
  • Additional patches and updates are frequently needed
  • Plug-ins are often needed to accomplish your goals for the website; if the plug-in is not updated, the site may not work Whether we are coding your new website or your site has been live for a while, our CMS development services can help you. Nobody deserves standardized, generic software.

SYDCON prefers not to implement third-party CMS software; instead we create a custom CMS developed specifically for your website with you as business owner/site administrator and your comfort level with technology and website maintenance in mind.

  • We are a Chicago-based CMS developer with experience in making easy-to-use Content Management Systems for all types of websites.
  • Our Content Management Systems have virtually no learning curve if you are familiar with using web browsers, Outlook, or Microsoft Word.
  • The satisfaction our client's consistently exhibited during and after completion of a project we are involved in speaks volumes to our ability to create an enjoyable customer experience and a dynamic, working end product.
  • Our Content Management Systems are utilized by individuals with website modification experience ranging from absolutely none to someone who has created a website of their own.
  • Regardless of the complexity of the website or size of the business, SYDCON's CMS development services can program an effective solution that is easy to learn and use.

Each project our CMS developers work on is specific according to you and your desires for the look and functionality of your website. Your business is more than just a means to make money; it is representative of you as a person and should be treated as such. Our family-owned and operated company looks forward to treating you with respect and delivering a totally unique experience and product to you.

Custom-tailored projects provide the most accurate portrayal of each individual business. Specificity is part of our belief, as we refrain from rigid quotes and hidden costs. Each project is quoted according to the requirements you outline in our consultation. The custom CMS we develop provides every functional aspect you imagined: easy for you to use and maintain, correct and ready to use the first time, every time.

We cannot wait to talk with you about our CMS development services so we can learn about your needs. Our favorite part of the business is seeing the end product and knowing we have satisfied a customer by meeting and exceeding expectations. Don't hesitate to Contact us at 815-596-9030 Monday-Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm to set up a meeting with our CMS development team.


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