Your business data contains numerous statistics and insight into the different areas of your company. Mining this data can get confusing if you don't have it available and decipherable. Implementing custom reports will help you collect this data and present it in ways that make it meaningful to you and your employees.

When you employ custom reporting software, you are turning data into value. Depending on your business and its website setup, any number of responsive custom reports can be created for you and your sales team, production group, finance department, etc.

Inventory Management Reporting

  • Inventory Reports
  • Forecasting Reports
  • Historical Data Reports

Sales Reporting

  • Sales by item, timeframe, customer, etc.
  • Break down sales into any category imaginable

With custom reporting, you can also export data as an Excel file for easy integration and analysis. Transitioning your reports into Excel spreadsheets matches them with outside workbooks to extend the functionality of the information involved in the reports themselves. Custom reporting can be scheduled to run at certain times or on demand; any scheduled reports are auto-run and can be emailed to designated employees/customers upon completion.

We provide individual solutions for individual projects. Because no two websites and no two product listings are the same, none of the custom reports that we develop are the same. You will receive a product that will work for you because it was designed specifically for you, not given to you by third-party software that leaves you to install software and figure out how to use it on your own.

SYDCON has developed custom reports for many businesses of all sizes and with myriad product. No matter your needs or what your business demands, SYDCON can meet and exceed your expectations with our Chicago-staffed development experts.

  • Each custom reporting project is determined and quoted specifically for you and your desired end product. We determine all information about the necessary tasks and include the work to be done in a quote tailored to what we outline together in our free consultation.
  • We treat you like family because we are run by a family. SYDCON understands the values of trust, honesty, transparency, and hard work and employs these to all our projects.

We cannot wait to connect with you and start working on your project. Whether you are ready to start the development of custom reports for your website, need a complete website developed, or just have a question and need an honest answer from a company that isn't looking to squeeze extra dollars out of your project, give us a call. We are located in the Chicago area and are open five days a week, Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5:00 pm. Your questions regarding your business matter to us; let us help.


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