How do you protect the information that your website users are sharing with you? The security of your website is taken very seriously by those using the website and trusting your company with their sensitive personal information.

Data Encryption is a means of encoding messages - either sent to the website or coming back from the website - that helps protect information from outside sources trying to hack the user or the company. This encoded message is your data changed into a form that is unreadable unless the key is known. Encryption is commonly used with "hashing" a password or changing user passwords into a unique string of data that is only visible by the website itself. Data encryption services protect both parties:

  • Users are protected from the companies they are supplying their information to because the company itself doesn't know the actual user password, just the randomized string received from the encryption software.
  • Because the company itself doesn't know your password, the company is protected from any liability if a hack should occur because they don't actually know the passwords.

Data encryption is a complex but necessary part of many online business ventures. The complexity can be removed, however, by contacting SYDCON at (815) 596-9030.

  • We are based in Chicago and staffed with experts in data encryption. Your security as a business and the security you can offer your website's users in an age where more and more information is becoming digital is an important part of your trust factor as a business.
  • No matter the size of your business and the complexity of your user profiling or data output, SYDCON can encrypt your data and has done so for countless clients just like you.
  • Because we are family owned and operated, we realize the value an individualized approach brings. Each specific area of your website will be treated with the care you gave it in its development stages.
  • Each project at SYDCON is totally unique from anything else on the web because each business is totally unique.

Our custom-fit data encryption services could be just what your business is looking for. We offer free consultations five days a week, Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm CST. Protect your customers by encrypting their data, and protect your company as well.


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