Gone are the days of thick paper catalogs and manuals. Why not take your company information paperless by way of a digital catalog? Take advantage of the benefits of a centralized online representation by utilizing digital catalogs and manuals.

A digital catalog contains all of your information and includes it within an online environment such as a smart device like an iPad. A product catalog app can be loaded onto your tablet to display the information, which can be used for numerous purposes to increase the ability of your staff to sell as well as streamline your customer's experience. Common uses include:

  • Sell sheets
  • Product listings
  • Pricing information
  • Online ordering
  • Training manuals
  • Informational brochures

Your sales people will benefit from having a sales catalog app when they meet with prospective clients. Instead of tons of paper, they will be able to search product specs, provide service information faster, and place orders within the app.

There are also multiple benefits for you as business owner as well:

  • Become more eco-friendly
  • Lower printing costs
  • Make easy digital updates instead of reprinting and redistributing

As you can see, having a digital catalog can streamline your business' information and helps you save on costs associated with all that printing. Clients and your sales team will also be impressed when handed a tablet with your custom catalog app loaded and ready for their viewing. The aesthetic value of receiving a slim tablet is much preferred to the intimidating nature of a stack of product catalogs. 

If a sleek, technologically friendly representation of your product information is something that interests you, your search can stop here.

The team at SYDCON is able to program a digital product catalog with any information you desire into a sleek representation that is easy to use.

  • Our expert staff has very diverse programming talents, as can be seen through our wide range of development project types
  • Whether your purpose be informational- or profit-driven, regardless of size or product type, your catalog will run smoothly
  • The strength of our developmental methodology leads to repetitive success because we consistently utilize similar methods to guarantee your product's working quality

SYDCON is a Chicago family-owned and operated business that understands the values of loyalty, honesty, and quality work. We provide quotes that are tailored specifically for you and your project after a comprehensive consultation where we determine exactly what work is needed. No standardized fees, no boxed solutions. We pride ourselves on the quality of our custom work developed for your unique purpose.

So why wait? Consultations are free if you have any questions about our product catalog app capabilities or are wondering about a quote. Give us a call so we can talk about where to take your project and how we can make it work for you.


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