Does your website deal with the education of others? Whether you are an online institution or a sales firm that needs training for potential employees, a Learning Management System (LMS) can be developed for your specific purpose.

Your website can act as an online learning management system, displaying all online materials and videos designed to educate and/or train in addition to quizzes or exams that test knowledge. These online exams or quizzes can be modified to fit different areas either by chapter, section, specific product line, etc. The entire learning and teaching process is contained within a database that interacts with the online LMS:

  • Users can register for individual courses or training programs offered within the website itself
  • A site administrator can view all necessary information, such as the content of the courses, the number, and name of students or employees enrolled, etc.
  • Skills gap analysis can allow teachers or employers to see the difference in current skill level of the students or prospective employees and compare it to the desired levels in order to determine the best course of future educational action
  • Performance tracking and reporting evaluates those enrolled in the programs and supplies a review based on the successes and failures for both the administrator and participants to view

Online Learning Management Systems are an effective way to remotely educate and track performance. The ease which online education and training provides is undeniable, as students, current employees and prospective hires from all over the globe participate and help each other learn and improve in real time.

SYDCON has developed online Learning Management Systems for clients involved both in academia and the business world. Our systems are developed to the highest level possible by our programmers and have been implemented in multiple learning situations. The versatility of SYDCON can be seen in our impressive portfolio that represents our quality work in all areas of online development.

We treat online LMS development seriously because we know the role education plays in life. Being family owned and operated, SYDCON brings those values to the business world to ensure a quality product delivered with a full understanding of where you want to take your project. Because of this, we offer free consultations designed to bring you comfort in knowing that we are taking your project seriously and performing the tasks you outline. You are included throughout the development process to ensure the accuracy of our work and your satisfaction with how the system is being developed. Each end product is high quality and satisfies the project's goals, just ask our clients.

We are based in Chicago and are available to talk to you about your LMS development needs between 8:30 am and 5 pm CST, Monday through Friday. Contact us to set up a meeting, or call us at 815-596-9030, we hope to hear from you soon.


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