The conversion of information from paper to electronic has become essential. From gathering information to storing it securely to simplifying tasks for your business and its customers, online forms processing has an immediate and noticeable impact on your business.

From online job applications to insurance forms to quizzes, online forms can allow your employees to efficiently access information and alleviate clutter sitting around the office. The information entered into an online form can then be added into a database to include workflow processes or dynamic reports. The benefits of electronic forms processing are many:

  • Save costs on ink and paper by eliminating the need for printing paper forms
  • Environmentally friendly business tactics are well received by the community
  • The quickness of sending forms online and always having them accessible saves you time, as does automatic filing into a database
  • Emailed copies or electronically submitted forms are of higher visual quality than scanned and faxed hard copies
  • Forms are instantly available so your customers and employees can access information quickly
  • Eliminate human transcribing errors by electronic entry rather than human re-entry

All of these benefits work together to save your business time and money. Streamline your business' forms processing and become more efficient. At SYDCON, working with your company to create online forms specific to your needs is one of our strengths.

Since 2004, SYDCON has been assisting Chicago businesses and their websites with online forms processing. Because our programmers have such a wide range of talents, they are able to create custom electronic forms specific to your business, the types of information you deal with, and the customers who will be interacting with the forms.

Each aspect of your business and your customer base is taken into consideration when we develop a forms processing system. Our free consultations result in comprehensive plans that determine the exact course of action which will be most effective for your specific project. Our family-owned business will treat you with the utmost care and respect while delivering a project of the highest working quality.

We hope to hear from you regarding any questions you have about electronic forms processing. Whether you have one specific question or are ready for a consultation and quote, feel free to contact us anytime Monday through Friday between 8:30 am and 5 pm at (815) 596-9030.


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