Online order management and tracking are two areas of your website that are directly applicable to the customer and will definitely be used and noticed by them. When a customer uses your custom e-commerce website to make a purchase, they will want to review what they have purchased and get the details about the transaction.

Implementing online order management capabilities on your website allow for the following:

  • Reporting
    • Order breakdowns (date ranges, purchases made, etc.)
    • Order summaries (customized breakdowns that include summary or detail reports)
  • Re-ordering capabilities
  • Notifications on order status and order tracking (whether the order is pending, processed, shipped, or canceled)

Online order tracking implementation can provide the ability to monitor a purchase along its shipping path. Tracking functionality ties into whichever shipping method your company chooses, be it FedEx, UPS or another option. The system will automatically take a tracking number, embed it in the purchase and provide a link for monitoring.

As you can see, both options offer customer service benefits to purchasers. Imagine if you paid for something and didn't receive a receipt and had no idea where it was after you bought it. Providing this information is essential to completing a sale. However, there are administrative areas of benefit involved in implementing online order management and tracking services.

Your company's administrator is able to log into the website's backend to see all orders and their details. That way, if anything seems askew with any of the orders, the administrator can reach out to the customer if something has gone wrong. For instance, if an order was misplaced and will take longer to ship, the administrator can let the customer know before the problem reaches them and hopefully alleviate some of the potential issues. Which items were purchased, their cost, the shipping method chosen, order status, and customer notifications can all be seen from this backend.

Have total control over the observation of your customer's purchases to ensure nothing will go wrong. Online order management and tracking is a must for any E-commerce site.

At SYDCON, we are domestically staffed with Chicago experts in implementing online order tracking and order management. Our custom-programmed software provides you with all functionality you need to keep your customers notified and satisfied. Our seemingly endless list of online order management and tracking implementation projects speaks for itself: your work will be done right the first time, every time. And because we tailor each project specifically to our customer and their needs, you get all the functionality you pay for without hidden charges after the project is completed.

SYDCON is a family owned and operated company located in Chicago that understands the necessity of service and honesty and would love to bring our talents and mindset to your project. You can contact us at any time Monday through Friday between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm Central Standard Time with any questions or for a free consultation.


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