Once a website launches, it needs to be maintained so that it has accurate information on all the services you offer (even as they change): the correct products, the right pricing, links that work, pages that load, etc. With website maintenance services from SYDCON, we can take the burden off your sales/marketing staff or your webmaster to keep the site functioning and the content fresh. 

  • Is your website not working as well as you think it should?
  • Do you need help updating content and keeping your website current?
  • Is your current on-staff or outsourced web developer not available when you need them?
  • Does your current web developer put you on their back burner and not make changes in a timely fashion?

These are just some of the reasons website owners have called us.

Our website management covers all areas of your website:

  • Adding functionality
  • Fixing errors
  • Hosting setup/transfers
  • Updates to website content

All of these are problems that can plague a website and lose potential customers who navigate away from a poorly-kempt website. At SYDCON, we can maintain and perform upkeep on your website to restore your confidence in your company's web presence. 

Our website maintenance services ensure that your site runs smoothly and efficiently. We offer the plans listed below or we can customize a plan that suits your needs.

Small Business Plan 3 Hours website maintenance per week. Contact us for a quote
Medium Sized Business Plan 5 Hours website maintenance per week. Contact us for a quote
Corporate Maintenance Plan 10 Hours website maintenance per week. Contact us for a quote
Advanced Corporate Maintenance Plan Contact us for a quote

SYDCON is staffed with experts in various programming languages who are able to perform any aspect of web management for our current clients or new clients in need of help. No problem is too complex or too small. Our website maintenance services are performed by developers in Chicago. You are guaranteed local help, available at convenient hours. We believe in a totally customized client experience where we talk, determine what you need, and tailor our work specifically to your project and its goals. Let SYDCON handle your website management and free up your valuable time to focus on other areas of your business.

Our diverse portfolio shows our capability to work with any type of project on any timeline. Give us a call at 815-596-9030 so we can talk about your website and keeping it fresh with new content, correct information and working capability.