Our Experience

At SYDCON, we are technical software experts. We don’t have to bore you with all the technical programming language names or other programming catch phrases that you may find confusing (unless of course, you prefer that, then we are happy to engage!). We have been assisting businesses find custom software solutions since 2004 and we can help you too. We have developed countless solutions from everyday business problems to custom solutions for unique needs. Here at SYDCON, we understand that your business is unique and find that the best solution is a unique, custom tailored solution. We have years of experience working with designers and marketing departments, as well as working directly with business owners to create full-cycle projects or we can create highly scalable, complex back-end systems that power your business.

Family Owned and Operated

SYDCON is family owned and operated. Owners Dave & Jennifer work hand in hand to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We communicate directly with all of our clients and represent SYDCON in the community. We strive to promote Computer Science Education in our community school districts.

Our Toolbox

At SYDCON, we pride ourselves on using cutting edge technology to bring our customers current, secure, highly scalable software. We use tools like PHP, SYMFONY, MySQL, Ruby, Laravel, Angular, and more. Our software engineers stay up to date on current technologies, to deliver custom solutions.

Our Philosophy

Here at SYDCON, we never like to say no we can’t. In the ever-changing world of technology and software needs, we realize that every day someone out there is coming up with the next great idea. No matter your needs, even if it is a brand new technology, our talented developers are eager for the task. They thrive on the unknown and the uber challenging. After all, if every business and idea were exactly the same with the exact same solution where would the competition be? When we enter into a working relationship with a new client, to us it is just that a “relationship”. We are in it for the long haul. We want to be your long-term partner. We want to be there not just for phase 1 but for all the phases as your business grows.

U.S. Based Development Team

Our staff of highly skilled developers are all on location in our Suburban Chicago office. So, what does that mean for you? All of our customers deal directly with one of the owners, and our developers are always available during business hours when you need us.

Let's Get Started

Let’s connect and discuss how SYDCON can offer you custom solutions to your business needs and take it to the next level.


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