Web Development Case Study Aztech Locknut

Aztech Locknut provides high-quality locknuts to the distributor marketplace. They pride themselves on great customer service and an environmentally, energy-friendly production method.

Aztech Locknut had an desired and upgraded website and contracted Sikich Marketing to take care of the design aspects of their website while SYDCON developed that visual design into a working website.

Aztech Locknut's desire was to provide an online representation for the myriad locknuts crafted at their resource center as well as allow for online tech support. SYDCON reviewed the client's web development wish list which consisted of the following:

  • Create a dynamic website infrastructure to accommodate administrative capabilities for a non-technical user as well as visitor-friendly interaction
  • Store information regarding the different locknuts offered by the company as well as tech support and troubleshooting information inside a database later to be displayed on the website's visual layout
  • Customize a Content Management System for the site administrator of aztechlocknut.com
  • Program additional features such as:
    • Contact Us form
    • Request For Quote (RFQ) form

Because Aztech Locknut already had an existing website, SYDCON responded with the use of their existing scripting language to maintain consistency. Our programmers have experience working with all scripting languages in multiple scenarios because of the amount of similar projects we take on.

Aztech Locknut agreed to the comprehensive proposal we created that outlined all work to be done on the website that would ensure dynamic working capability.
A development team of one expert programmer gave their expertise to this specific project and its development tasks:

  • Articulation of working goals for the website
  • Creation of a CMS that is easy for a non-technical user to manipulate; future site administrator shown how to use the system
  • Population of the database with each individual locknut available for purchase
  • Development of the new visual design into a working, interactive website; display of database content on the website
  • Run through of the total working ability and all sections of web content with the client
  • Launch of the website after acknowledging the client's satisfaction

Technical Approach
This website's dynamic user interaction is driven with the ASP, CSS, and HTML languages. All web content is stored in the existing Access database that was improved to assume greater functionality and a more organized storage. Our CMS was developed from scratch, after which the administrator was shown how to add, edit, or delete any information from the website.

The success of our project can be seen at www.aztechlocknut.com 

  • The website functions dynamically and contains all desired information
  • The website displays a unique visual design that catches the eye of users with its bold color schemes and visual product representation
  • A non-technical site administrator can perform web maintenance as necessary
  • Easy product finding and the ability to request a quote have driven Aztech Locknut's increase in web traffic

Any ongoing maintenance questions have been taken care of by SYDCON.

Thanks to the following elements, our website development project is a total success:

  • The plan laid out according to the ideas and desires of Aztech Locknut
  • The willingness of Aztech Locknut to take time and be involved in discourses about their website while it was being designed and developed
  • The creative design talents possessed by Sikich Marketing
  • SYDCON's versatile and knowledgeable web development team


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