SYDCON can help you launch an innovative breakthrough by using a consultative approach to provide the right solution to implement your ideas.

New technology and innovate ideas are constantly disrupting the business world. Perhaps you possess the next great app idea or time saving solution. Let’s discuss bringing your idea to the market with custom software.

Disrupt Your Market

Change the face of your industry by doing something that has never been done before.

Create a Competitive Advantage

Create a completely unique selling point that customers won’t be able to ignore.

Business Context

We want to understand what you want to accomplish and why, so we can best determine how to help you.


All of our projects are planned and developed with your business’ security in mind.

Our Process

We take the time to listen to your needs as well as understand your goals. After carefully absorbing your information we ask detailed questions to better understand your desired end result.

Our Methodology

Our in-depth consultation helps ensure you get the results you need to improve your business.

Our Technical Capabilities

Our developers are highly skilled and function in the LAMP stack environment. Some of the tools in our tool box are PHP, Ruby, MySQL, Symfony, Laravel and more.

Our Work

Our team of developers possess a never-ending quest for knowledge and pride themselves on staying up to date on current best practice, latest trends and security involved in today’s technology.


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