We Help You Create Outcomes

If you’re searching for custom software development companies, that means one of two things:

    1 - You’ve started a project that hasn’t gone as planned.
    2 - You’ve have a problem you’re trying to solve.

These are two of the most common things we see here at SYDCON and our combined experience of 39 years provides us with the vantage point of seeing a lot of projects, both ones that have gone well as well as those that didn’t.
While we are a custom software development company ourselves, we’d like to offer you so much more than that. Partnering with SYDCON means hiring a team of passionate, hungry, and experienced engineers and developers to help you solve the most complex problems you’re looking to a custom software solution to provide you

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Case Study

From reducing errors to cutting down on wait time, business process automation can bring your organization a variety of benefits. If you're considering using business process automation for your company, the following two SYDCON projects are excellent examples of what you can accomplish.

Development Tools

Excuse us while we get a little bit technical, we are developers after all. If you’re more interested in the outcomes we create with custom development rather than the details, you can learn more about those here.


We pride ourselves on our team’s ability to fluently develop and engineer solutions in various development languages included PHP, MySQL, Ruby, Laravel, LINUX, Angular, Symfony.


After our initial consultation, our Project Manager takes the information gathered, does research and consults with our highly skilled team of software engineers to create a custom solution for your business.


We provide multiple services such as Apple, Android, and much more