Brook Furniture Web Development Case Study

Brook Furniture Rental provides high quality furniture for rent with fast service times and great customer relationships. They deliver furniture to your home or office in an attempt to help other businesses better reflect their values and serve their customers or create a more comfortable, enjoyable home atmosphere without committing to the purchase of expensive pieces of furniture that you may want to change as styles and personal tastes continue to change.

Brook Furniture Rental was unsatisfied with the current working quality of their website and contacted SYDCON to re-program the inner workings of the site.

Brook Furniture Rental wanted their website working more efficiently, so as to better reflect the quick response times guaranteed by their company. Knowing SYDCON could program an effective website with any necessary functionality, we were brought in to accomplish Brook Furniture Rental's website needs:

  • Customize a shopping cart specifically for the client's furniture rental business
  • Develop a CMS (Content Management System) that would allow for the posting of company information and products as well as routine web maintenance
  • Re-design the existing database to operate more effectively
  • A "Contact Us" form

In situations like this, SYDCON chooses to maintain consistency with the pre-existing website scripting language. The existing database is also kept, but updated and refigured to be more efficient. Our programmers have diverse talents that extend to multiple scripting languages.

A proposal was crafted including all work necessary to revamp the Brook Furniture Rental website. Inside was all work our development team of one expert developer would perform to ensure the working quality of the website:

  • Discuss the goals involved in the re-programming of the website
  • Develop a CMS that allows for easy maintenance of the new website
  • Re-develop the frontend of the website to ensure better functionality, display the database content
  • Program the E-commerce interface to to complete the development of the customized shopping cart
  • Stress test all website features with Brook Furniture Rental to show full functionality
  • Transition site from developmental to live environment after receiving client approval

Technical Approach
Because of their use in the previous website, the code written in ASP, CSS, and HTML scripting languages was rewritten to be more efficient and develop a better working quality. The existing MSSQL database was redesigned and populated with the home and office rental furniture product offered by Brook Furniture Rental, and a CMS was developed from scratch to allow for website maintenance. was interfaced with our customized shopping cart to allow for onsite rental transactions to be made.

The working quality and efficiency of the new website is exactly what Brook Furniture Rental was hoping for when they hired SYDCON.

  • All links and web pages now operate as they should
  • The site administrator can make any changes desired through the CMS
  • Now that the site actually works, clients can successfully peruse all rental product available on the website and make transactions without hindrance

Brook Furniture Rental and SYDCON worked well together to ensure a quality final product:

  • Brook Furniture Rental described the problems with their current website and knew what functionality they wanted in their new website
  • SYDCON and Brook Furniture Rental engaged in conversation throughout the website's reprogramming to ensure the new functionality accurately reflected the outlined desires
  • The ability of SYDCON's development staff to program effective websites and software in multiple scripting languages


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