Web Development Case Study Dolce Day Spa

DOLCE Day Spa is "an upscale, full service Aveda salon and spa with contemporary city decor in a friendly suburban atmosphere." They offer "cutting-edge trends in hair and spa services" for both men and women ranging from hair care to massages to tanning. Customers are welcome to any of the services offered by DOLCE and can indulge while inside a relaxing environment.

DOLCE Day Spa wanted an online presence that would let them advertise store hours and their staff, show a photo gallery of their beautiful facility, as well as catalogue and display the numerous services offered to their customers. Knowing that an online web presence would increase visibility, SYDCON reviewed the client's development requests and came up with the following plan:

  • Create a user-friendly interface while programming customized back end administrative features
  • Contain information such as pictures of the spa facilities and services offered by the spa as well as pictures of the staff and hours of operation inside a comprehensive database
  • Customize a website with completely unique features
  • Program a custom Content Management System (CMS) capable of manipulating the site's database content by an administrator
  • Enable easy contacting of the company with a Contact Us form

The work to begin the design and development of Dolce Day Spa's website was begun after drafting and agreeing to a detailed project proposal, within which the following terms for the development of the custom-built website were outlined, signed, and given to our development team of one designer and one programmer:

  • Clearly outlined the client's goals for their website and distributed task lists to our employees
  • Designed the website after receiving client approval regarding their aesthetic preferences
  • Content Management System development started
  • Services offered by Dolce, photos of the facility and team member biographies added to the database
  • Aforementioned web content added to the front end after development was completed
  • Began front-end development, displayed database content on website
  • Ran through the functionality of the website with our client
  • Launched the website successfully according to the contracted date

Technical Approach
The development of this website was made possible through our use of PHP, CSS, and HTML scripting languages to drive the web content and allow for dynamic user interaction with the content contained within the MySQL backend. The site administrator is able to overview all aspects of the website in addition to adding to the representative showing of the spa's facilities and the employees.

The finished website reflects the beauty and professionalism embodied by Dolce Day Spa.

  • The website has been effective at advertising the shop to those unfamiliar with its location in Cary
  • All programs desired by DOLCE Day Spa now exist within their fully functional website
  • Site navigation is easy for both current and prospective clients as well as site administrators making any edits deemed necessary

Our work with DOLCE was a success for many reasons:

  • The willingness and ability of DOLCE Day Spa to work with SYDCON while their website was being developed
  • The ability of DOLCE staff to articulate their desires for the website and its final product
  • The dedication and creative work of our talented developer and designer.


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