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Home Access Health Corporation is "a pioneer in the commercialization of new technologies for personal diagnostic testing." Their goal is to provide people the ability to be more in control of their healthcare from the comfort of their own home. They pride themselves on their highly accurate testing and new technological approach which helps to decrease the reliance on uncomfortable waiting rooms, doctor's offices and hospitals.

Needing a fully functional website created from scratch, Home Access Health Corporation contacted SYDCON knowing we were up to the task.

Home Access Health Corporation wanted their customers to be able to order testing kits and return the kits to their office. Users would also be allowed to register on-site as well as check their results. Because of these functionality needs, SYDCON devised a development plan focused on the following areas:

  • Create a website with unique, customized features
  • Complete all programming tasks on both the front and back end of the website
  • Contain the different testing kits available as well as information on how to use them and mail them inside a comprehensive database
  • Accommodate for any and all desired administrative abilities by way of a custom-programmed CMS
  • Program necessary additional features such as:
  • User registration and profiles
  • Contact Us form

SYDCON, Inc. used ASP scripting language processing in order to maintain consistency with the existing language used by the site. The design team at SYDCON creates multiple design concepts according to our client's specific visual preferences, upon the completion of which the client chooses their favorite.

Home Access Health Corporation received an all-encompassing quote complete with a description of the steps necessary for the completion of their website. Upon the agreement of the terms and the work the contract was signed by both parties, including our three-person design and development team who immediately began the stages of the website's development:

  • Communicated all goals in regard to the website's final product and timeline by which the project would be completed
  • Gained an understanding of different visual designs the client enjoyed and used those as influence for the creation of the visual design blueprints
  • Once a design blueprint was chosen, the finishing work on the visual design was completed
  • Programming and development of the Content Management System started
  • Database populated with the different testing kits available as well as instructions for use and user registration processes
  • Database product displayed on the developed website's developed front end
  • Engaged in a beta test with the client to ensure full functionality was achieved
  • Launched the website with the client on time according to the date established in the contract

Technical Approach
ASP, CSS, and HTML scripting languages were used to enable dynamic interaction between the website and its users. The existing Access database was used to contain and catalogue the medical items and their uses as well as where they should be sent upon proper completion of the testing. A website administrator was shown how to use the CMS to add, edit, or delete products or information as necessary.

The success of our client's new website has helped revolutionize home medical testing.

  • Site users and clients can now partake in medical testing from the comforts of their own home, sending in their completed tests to an office near them
  • Information regarding testing procedures, proper kit return and site addresses can easily be found on the website
  • Updates to the testing product offered, return policies and new return locations can be added or edited by the site administrator
  • The website has allowed individuals both local and outside the immediate area more comfort while self-administering intimate medical tests

Our work to create a website from scratch for Home Access Health Corporation was a total success because of the following reasons:

  • The ability of Home Access Health staff to articulate their desires for the website's visual layout, the information necessary to be displayed, and the site's final functional capabilities
  • The ability and willingness of Home Access Health to work with SYDCON while their website was being developed
  • The ability and dedication of our talented developer, programmers and design team at SYDCON


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