Joe's Barber Shop Website Design Case Study

Joe's Barber Shop is a local Crystal Lake Barber Shop that prides itself in its long lasting, old-time appeal. Open for over fifty years, Joe's provides "anything from that special 1st haircut to youth, military, fades, business and classic cuts. All complete with that classic touch of the razor around the ears and neck, followed by a relaxing neck and shoulder massage. You will always get that home-town friendly feel, complete with the cut that fits your needs." Joe's wanted an online presence to compliment their vintage appeal with a current-day method to gain customers and increase visibility.

Based on our conversations with Joe's, they needed a website designed from the ground up. According to their specific desires SYDCON developed a fully customized website working side by side with them throughout the programming.

When an establishment has a rich history such as Joe's does, one of their most important appeals is their personal story. Joe's Barber Shop wanted to be able to have that story accessible online as well as offer pictures of the barber shop, where you can see and feel the old-time, antique atmosphere. SYDCON was asked to help accomplish the following:

  • Design a custom website
  • Customize a Content Management System (CMS)
  • Load pictures of the shop and the barber's work as well as pictures and availability of the barbers on staff into a database
  • Total website programming
  • Program additional features such as:
    • Photo slideshow
    • Contact Us form

PHP is our preferred scripting language in situations such as these. PHP allows for diverse use because of its versatility across platforms. SYDCON is staffed with experts in PHP and other scripting languages that specialize in coding your project. Also, our staff graphic designers have experience creating impressive visual layouts for multiple types and sizes of businesses. 

Joe's Barber Shop received an individualized proposal that encompassed all aspects of what would go into the design and development of their website. Joe's agreed on our plan for their website according to their vision for what they expected and desired as an end product and the work on their website was started.

A custom-fit system was crafted by our development team of one designer and two programmers in accordance with the outlined steps:

  • Site goals acknowledged and outlined
  • Engaged in conversations with Joe's about other websites that they liked visually for reference points on their own unique design
  • Custom website designed keeping in mind aspects of other websites Joe's enjoyed
  • Development of the CMS to allow for the editing of pictures, adding testimonials, updating staff, and other website monitoring functions
  • Staff, shop history, and photographs loaded into the database
  • Coded the visual design into a working website complete with the database content
  • Joe's led through the finished website with any questions being answered
  • Congratulated Joe's on the launch of their website

Technical Approach
User interaction with the website itself was made possible through the use of PHP, CSS, HTML, and jQuery scripting languages. The atmosphere of the barber shop was captured and brought to the website with pictures and information loaded into the MySQL website database. A site administrator can make any desired updates or changes to the website with the CMS or we are happy to help if necessary.

Jack at Joe's Barber Shop says, "Dave, As new as I am to all this websites SYDCON has made it very easy for us all to understand and get into it. The very best part is that you really made us feel like it is ours not something you just put together. We have been able to get into it and change closure dates and times and we just have not had the time to change any pictures but we know we can. We had another website before and did not get the attention or feedback we have gotten from yours. You are great at what you do."

  • Joe's Barber Shop has a website that communicates the feel of the shop accompanied by their hours and staff
  • The slideshow offered onsite displays pictures of the old-time barber shop in addition to open and close times and which barbers will be on staff each day
  • Updates to the site are easy to make with the CMS
  • Advertising the shop to those unfamiliar with its location in downtown Crystal Lake is much easier now that Joe's has an online presence

Continued updates and services have been provided by SYDCON per request.

Joe's Barber Shop made working with them very easy:

  • Joe's staff took time to make sure we understood their desires for the website
  • Joe's engaged in back and forth conversation during the development of the website
  • SYDCON's talented developer and programmers exhibit their expertise in every project


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