Jumpdog Marketing Web Development Case Study

Jumpdog Marketing specializes in marketing for auto repair companies. Their willingness to only represent a specific clientele speaks volumes about their confidence in the work they do, as well as their willingness to quote prices based on how much actual business they personally drive through your company. They offer custom-fit email and text message marketing programs along with a free quote for your business.

Being an email and text message marketing website, it is important for Jumpdog Marketing to have an online presence so as to not send conflicting technological messages. They had already designed a website; they just needed the content to work within their own visual design.

Our Client's desire was to develop their personally designed website into a working hub for their unique marketing business, so they contacted SYDCON to help them with the developmental work they weren't familiar with:

  • Turn the designed Jumpdog Marketing web design into a dynamic, functioning website
  • Develop a database that would store information regarding their services offered, their representative portfolio, as well as information about the company and the ideology behind their marketing strategy
  • Program a custom Content Management System that would allow for the easy monitoring, editing and adding of the marketing pages and portfolio by a site administrator
  • Program additional features such as:
    • Contact Us form
    • Custom Blog

Using PHP scripting language in development projects has become a staple of SYDCON's development method. PHP is able to be used in most situations due to its ability to span multiple platforms and it is incredibly productive. Because our programmers use PHP in most situations, they have become familiar with every detail of coding in PHP and are able to effectively utilize it to its full potential.

Jumpdog Marketing received a unique proposal after our initial consultation. The desires the client possessed for the working ability of the website and the timeframe necessary for completion were taken into account and a representative quote was given. Both parties agreed on the quoted price and work to be performed as well as the timeline for completion and the work to begin developing the website was started.

A custom-fit system was crafted by our development team of one expert programmer according to the following task list:

  • Discussed the site goals outlined in the contract and outlined the project according to them
  • Started the development of the Content Management System
  • Database populated with their services and accompanying marketing strategy, their portfolio contents, as well as company description and ideology
  • Developed the front end of the website and displayed the database content
  • Launched the website with the client on the agreed date

Technical Approach
This project utilized PHP, CSS, and HTML scripting languages to enable dynamic interaction between the user, the website, and its database. A MySQL backend was used to catalogue the services offered with accompanying descriptions and Jumpdog Marketing's representative portfolio. A custom Content Management System was developed for easy maintenance of the website and its content.

The success of the project is noticed and appreciated by the client.

  • Jumpdog Marketing is satisfied with their dynamic and functioning website
  • Users can easily navigate the informational pages as well as receive a free quote from the website and view their portfolio
  • Site administrators are able to make any changed necessary with the custom-developed Content Management System we programmed
  • The website has been effective at increasing awareness and use of Jumpdog Marketing

We continue to help Jumpdog Marketing with any occurring questions or maintenance needs.

The success of our work with Jumpdog Marketing can be attributed to multiple factors:

  • The ability of Jumpdog Marketing to clearly communicate the desired working product for the website they designed themselves
  • Jumpdog Marketing's time taken to establish a constructive relationship with SYDCON throughout the development process
  • The design talents of Jumpdog Marketing
  • The experienced development team employed by SYDCON


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