Web Development Case Study LaSalle Network

LaSalle Network is a temp agency that screens and places prospective employees at jobs. Located in Chicago, "LaSalle has individual business practices specializing in Accounting and Finance, Technology, Office Services, Call Center, Human Resources, Marketing and Executive Search." LaSalle places clients by subscribing to the third party website bullhorn.com, software that manages available jobs and applicants in a database. There are separate pages for job seekers and employers, job seekers are able to search for employers using keywords or by searching through categorical representation. Job seekers are also able to upload a resume to the system for employers to find.

We collaborated with Usman Group to build LaSalle Network a website with Usman Group designing the visual elements of the web page and SYDCON programming that visual design, giving it dynamic functional capability.

LaSalle Network wanted their website to provide an avenue through which users can interact with the Bullhorn API software to apply and submit a resume to hiring companies. SYDCON outlined the following needs based upon the client's site specifications:

  • Program custom back end admin features and user-friendly interface
  • Develop a database containing a listing of hiring employers for different types of jobs in the Chicago area and job seekers with their respective resumes. Also necessary is the ability of job seekers and employers to add or remove a resume or job listing from the website
  • Program additional features such as:
    • Jobs post pulling from Bullhorn API
    • Resume/job apply posting to Bullhorn API

In situations like this, SYDCON, Inc. uses scripting languages to interface the website and enable it to pull from an existing outside API. Our programmers are able to do so through experience with a large amount of API software and scripting languages by way of SYDCON projects.

The terms of our unique proposal crafted specifically for LaSalle Network were agreed upon after a detailed explanation of everything the proposal entailed, after which the development of the website was started.

A single talented programmer made up the development team for this specific project and its unique developmental tasks:

  • Confirmed client website goals with functionality standards
  • Participating prospective employers added to the database
  • Database product display made possible by way of the development of the site's front end
  • Reviewed website with client by testing all features included in the site's functionality
  • Successfully launched the website according to the pre-determined date outlined in the proposal

Technical Approach
The website's database is able to interact with the website through the use of .NET, CSS and HTML scripting languages in addition to the Bullhorn API. All website content is contained within a MSSQL database and able to be driven dynamically through the use of our scripting languages. The content of the database is always able to be manipulated through our CMS.

The success of our project has helped not only LaSalle Network, but unemployed jobseekers as well.

  • LaSalle Network has a website that they utilize to help those seeking jobs find gainful employment
  • Users are able to click through each online tab and see which employers are listing jobs in their specified field
  • The website interacts flawlessly with the Bullhorn API

Our work with LaSalle Network continues whenever our maintenance team is needed.

There are many contributing factors involved in the success of our work with LaSalle Network:

  • The open communication between LaSalle Network, Usman Group, and SYDCON that enabled project goals to be referenced in an open, collaborative environment
  • The time taken by LaSalle Network to be actively involved during the development of their website
  • The outstanding design talents of the graphics experts employed by Usman Group
  • The ability and versatility of SYDCON's staff of programmers to use any scripting language and work with any API


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