LDV Web Application Development Case Study

LDV provides emergency response vehicles, mobile medical vehicles, specialty vehicles, and tool trucks for multiple types of clients. Their vehicles are built specifically for the type of client and their need. Because LDV wanted their website developed specifically for them, like their vehicles are built specifically for their client, SYDCON was brought in to custom-develop their website. In collaboration with the design firm Usman Group, we set out to develop the website according to LDV's exact needs. 

LDV needed a website developed that would explain their product and business as well as display examples of their specialty vehicles. SYDCON's experience developing websites helped provide the following objective list:

  • Custom program back end admin features and user-friendly website interface
  • Program a database to contain all LDV business and vehicle information
  • Allow for the editing of all site content with a custom-built CMS
  • Develop a custom shopping cart to allow for the purchase of parts and accessories
  • Develop user accounts and custom search function

Our methodology was outlined and the work necessary to achieve the functionality LDV desired was included as part of an inclusive proposal. Our quoted project was agreed on and one of our programmers made up the development team that took action on the project's task list:

  • Reviewed client expectations to match website objectives
  • Reviewed client expectations to match website objectives
  • Customized the database and inserted all LDV information
  • Enabled onsite transactions with the creation of a shopping cart customized for LDV and their product
  • Completed the development of the frontend with user accounts and custom search functionality, displayed the database content on the website
  • Transitional launch from development to live site was accomplished successfully after a beta test with LDV

Technical Approach
PHP, jQuery, HTML, and CSS scripting languages were used to enable all dynamic website content. The LDV information is contained within a MySQL database with their associated product able to be purchased through the shopping cart we developed specifically for LDV with the authorize.net E-commerce API.

LDV aided this project's success by being able to articulate what functional elements and they wanted existing within their website. Also, they stayed involved while the site was being developed to guarantee our work and the work of Usman Group was accomplishing that goal. The new website looks great and functions as desired, with updates easy to make because of our custom CMS. LDV is happy with the website we collaboratively made for them.

Usman Group did beautiful work on the design of the LDV website. Our programmers again proved their excellence with the dynamic website LDV now has.


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