Web Development And Design Case Study For Kathleen Vollman

Kathleen Vollman is a "Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist, Educator and Consultant." She has "published & lectured throughout North & South America and overseas on a variety of pulmonary, critical care & professional nursing topics." She has a high level of expertise in the medical field and has extensive experience traveling for lectures on multiple topics.

Knowing that she needed a fully-functional website developed with a unique design that would catch the eye of potential clients while being easy to navigate while telling of her multitude of services, SYDCON was trusted with the development of her website.

Ms. Vollman needed a website that would allow her to advertise her services as a nurse and a public speaker as well as provide her resume for online viewing. There are also lists of her presentations and the multiple areas she provides consulting services in. SYDCON's experience helped outline the following project objectives:

  • Design a modern and functional website to represent Ms. Vollman and her work
  • Custom program a user-friendly interface and back end administrative features
  • Develop a database that would store information regarding the different services and nursing experience offered
  • Develop a custom Content Management System (CMS) that accommodates administrative rights for simple modifications such as Edit, Add, Delete, and Review
  • Program a Contact Us form

Our talented developers possess the ability to use ColdFusion software effective because of their coding experience and utilize it in situations such as these. Our design team crafts visually pleasing websites according to the specific tastes of the client and is able to do so because of their education and artistic talent.

Ms. Vollman received a proposal tailored specifically to her project and what it would entail in order to guarantee the full working potential of the custom-developed website. After agreeing to the terms of the proposal, our development team of one lead designer and one expert programmer were able to employ the following steps and create the website:

  • Website features and functionalities discussed with the client
  • Used our client's visual tastes to create a visual blueprint for the website
  • Began design concepts upon the reception of the client's satisfaction
  • Began the work to develop an easy-to-use CMS
  • Database populated with the multitude of expert services offered by Ms. Vollman
  • Service listings formatted into the display on the developed website front end
  • Tested all features of the website in a comprehensive pre-launch review
  • With client's approval, the initial website launch date was successfully met

Technical Approach
An Access backend drives this website's user content. This is made possible through the use of ColdFusion, CSS, and HTML scripting languages. Any web content is able to be modified, added to, or subtracted from the website with the CMS we build for scratch and taught Ms. Vollman how to use.

Ms. Vollman is enthusiastic about the prospects her new website affords.

  • All desired custom-programmed functions exist within the webpage we developed specifically for Kathleen Vollman and her services
  • Users can find any amount of information about Ms. Vollman and her services through the tabs that separate content
  • Kathleen Vollman can now add new services or update her online resume with the custom-developed Content Management System in addition to performing website maintenance and updating with ease
  • The marketing exposure the website has provided has helped to increase Ms. Vollman's clientele

Whenever needed, we have continued to assist Kathleen Vollman with any aspects of her website.

The success of our project is seen for many reasons:

  • The time taken by Kathleen Vollman to clearly articulate her desired end product
  • The strength of the relationship we were able to craft with Ms. Vollman and its constructive nature
  • The talents in both website design and development possessed by the SYDCON staff


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