Web Development Case Study Avery

Avery runs a unique label making business where you are allowed to personalize labels, name badges, and other related items for you business of before sending to somebody else. They have partnered with Martha Stewart Home Office to help organize your home working space while keeping a fresh look.

Avery wanted to be able to allow website users to redeem codes for gift cards on their website. Based on these desires, SYDCON determined the following objectives and relayed them to the client:

  • Enable code redemption through a customized shopping cart
  • Allow for users to enter shipping information for gift cards
  • Give a site administrator the ability to manage orders and users as well as view sales reports through a customized Content Management System (CMS)
  • Design a "Contact Us" page that displayed the multiple ways to reach Avery for product ordering or questions

PHP is hands down the most efficient scripting language because of its incredible versatility. It possesses the ability to span multiple platforms, so we choose to employ its use for all work started from the ground up. Our developers have used PHP in countless projects and can be trusted to do quality, timely work. Our design team has crafted many websites based on client preference and will be able to do so in any instance with their creative talent and experience.

Based on the description we received from the client and the agreement we reached on the work to be done to design and develop the website from the ground up according to the specific desires of the client, we drafted a quote and refined it with them. Upon reaching agreement for the work to be done and its associated cost, a development team of one lead designer and two expert programmers was assigned the project and its tasks:

  • Reiterate the determined site goals to the design and development team
  • Created multiple conceptual designs and showed them to the client
  • Upon receiving approval of the design concept to be used for the website, the visual aspects of the websites were completed
  • Started the development of a Content Management System that would allow for the manipulation of the website and its content
  • Interfaced the customized shopping cart to allow for on-site client purchases
  • Tested a beta version of the website with the client and gained their approval before launching the site on the date agreed to in our quote

Technical Approach
PHP, CSS, and HTML scripting languages were used to code all aspects of the client's website. These allow all dynamic functionality to take place on the website. A MySQL database contains all information in the website's backend that is displayed on the website from the products themselves to descriptions, templates and project ideas. We developed a CMS specifically for the client and their level of technical comfort that allows for manipulation of all website content. Photoshop and Illustrator were used to create the visual design of the website.

Avery's website represents their business and their product accurately and contains all functionality they desired.

  • Users can navigate the tabs on the website that separate the different product and easily find what they need
  • Any necessary updates are easily made through our CMS developed specifically for Avery's site administrators

The success of our project with the client was made possible for many reasons:

  • The client's goals and ability to outline them
  • The time taken by the client to stay involved throughout the design and development process to ensure our work being done matched the desired outcome
  • The ability of the SYDCON development methodology to apply to any design and development scenario
  • SYDCON employee's versatile talents and dedication to their craft


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