Web Development Case Study La Grange Theatre

La Grange Theatre was a live theatre originally built in 1925 and eventually changed to a motion picture theatre with the changing technology. Priding themselves on their old-time feel that comes with the history of their theatre, La Grange wanted that feeling to carry over to the website they would use to advertise events and current movies. We collaborated with Monroe Star on the development of the website with Monroe Star designing the visual aspects and SYDCON making everything work behind the scenes.

Knowing that they needed a fully functional website developed with a unique design that would elicit feelings of nostalgia for old-time theatres as well as captivate younger audiences, SYDCON was brought in as part of a development team that would make the La Grange Theatre website a reality.

La Grange Theatre wanted a website that would list which movies were being shown and at what times as well as the ability to display upcoming movies and events inside the theatre. SYDCON formulated a plan to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Accommodate for admin abilities and user-friendly site environment with a dynamic infrastructure
  • Program a database that would store information regarding the different movies being shown and their current show times in addition to what films are to be added in the future
  • Create a user-friendly, custom Content Management System (CMS) that allows non-technical users to change or update the website content mentioned above with ease
  • Program the following additional features:
    • Contact Us form
    • Email newsletter signup and sending to users

Upon completion of the visual design elements of the website, SYDCON will begin the developmental process. We use multiple scripting languages to develop the code that makes the website work. Our talented developers possess the ability to use any scripting language effectively because of their extensive experience through field work with SYDCON.

To provide a comprehensive list of the work included in our developmental process, a unique proposal was crafted for La Grange Theatre using their outlined desired to tailor our work specifically to their project. Upon receiving the proposal, we talked with La Grange Theatre and they agreed on the outlined work and process our development team would take in the creation of their website's functionality:

  • The client's objectives were ensured after outlining the website goals
  • Coding work begun on the CMS
  • The current list of movies being shown in addition to upcoming movies and events added into the database we developed
  • Enabled user-friendly E-commerce product display on the developed website front end
  • Used a beta test to determine the website's full functioning ability
  • Honored our pre-determined deadline with a timely launch of the website

Technical Approach
ColdFusion, CSS, and HTML scripting languages were utilized in this project which allow for dynamic user interaction between the MySQL database and the website. A site administrator has the ability to control all backend content through our CMS made from scratch specifically for La Grange Theatre.

The unique, functioning website proves the success of our project with La Grange Theatre.

  • La Grange Theatre can showcase which films are currently showing as well as advertise upcoming local events being sponsored at the theatre
  • All content mentioned above is easily found; the list of movies is displayed on the home page and users are able to click through tabs to lead them through the website to other information
  • La Grange Theatre can now easily add new movies while removing those no longer being shown with the custom-developed Content Management System. They are able to perform website maintenance and make updates with ease
  • Marketing efforts have become easier with the exposure afforded by the website

The success of our work with La Grange Theatre was seen because of the following:

  • La Grange Theatre knowing exactly what it was they desired in terms of their website's look and functionality
  • Monroe Star's web and graphic design ability that led to a beautiful representation of the client's theatre
  • The establishment of a constructive relationship between all parties involved in the design and development process
  • Our methodology's strength compounded with the knowledge and talent required of our development team to carry it out


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