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Sanchez Daniels and Hoffman LLP is "a diverse, composite firm of trial attorneys offering the highest level of litigation services at competitive, cost-effective rates." They represent many high-profile clients such as BMW, Allstate, and McDonalds. They are a growing firm located in Chicago with a specialization in civil cases but representing clients in any type of case. Sanchez Daniels and Hoffman LLP already had a website that was dated and was in need of an upgrade and additional functionality. 

With the knowledge that legal representation is something taken very seriously by potential clients, Sanchez Daniels and Hoffman knew they needed a professional website developed that would accurately represent the firm and their standards from a visual and functional standpoint. Because of these needs, SYDCON was brought in to develop the website in collaboration with Monroe Star, a design company who took care of the visual aspects of the website.

Sanchez Daniels and Hoffman wanted their website to reflect the professional demeanor all members of the firm adhere to as well as provide information about the firm, their services, and their list of clients. SYDCON was sought out and began developing their website immediately upon the completion of its visual design according to the specific desires of Sanchez Daniels and Hoffman:

  • Turn the visual layout into a fully functional website
  • Catalogue information regarding the attorneys employed by the firm, the listing of services offered, and a list of clients represented inside a comprehensive database
  • Allow a site administrator to post news articles, attorney biographies, as well as update and add material as needed through our developed Content Management System (CMS)
  • Program a Contact Us form

In situations such as these, SYDCON, Inc. maintains the use of the pre-existing scripting language for the sake of continuity. Our team of talented programmers is able to use any scripting languages (in this case, ColdFusion) thanks to their education and involvement in countless projects with SYDCON.

Based on the desires communicated to us prior to our work, we crafted a unique proposal for Sanchez Daniels and Hoffman LLP. We outlined all aspects of the project and showed the client what would be necessary to ensure the website works as desired. After agreeing upon the terms of our proposal, we started to work on developing the website.

Our development team for this project consisted of one expert programmer to create a functional website according to the following steps:

  • Re-iterated the professional desires of Sanchez Daniels and Hoffman to our programmer
  • Started the development of the CMS that would allow for the administrator to edit firm information and update the client list
  • Database populated with the array of services offered by Sanchez Daniels and Hoffman LLP as well as a list of attorneys and clients represented
  • Displayed the representative content for Sanchez Daniels and Hoffman onto the developed front end of their website
  • Showed the finished website to Sanchez Daniels and Hoffman and inquired as to their approval
  • Upon the client's acknowledgement of their satisfaction with our work, we made the website live and user-accessible

Technical Approach
ColdFusion, CSS and HTML scripting languages drive the user interaction of this particular website. An Access backend was used to drive the listing of employed attorneys and impressive client list while also giving the site administrator the ability to manipulate the mentioned site content.

Sanchez Daniels and Hoffman LLP are satisfied with our development work.

  • The website for Sanchez Daniels and Hoffman LLP now matches their expectations from a functionality standpoint and visually represents them accurately
  • The website explains all practice areas as well as the attorneys on staff and a list of represented clients
  • Sanchez Daniels and Hoffman LLP can now easily add, edit or delete any mentioned or new web content with their custom developed Content Management System

The success of our project was geared by:

  • The pre-conceived idea of what the client wanted their website to look like and contain, communicated via constant interaction with SYDCON throughout the development process
  • The willingness and time taken of Sanchez Daniels and Hoffman LLP to establish a working relationship with Monroe Star during the entirety of the process through which the site was developed
  • The design talents of Monroe Star
  • The ability of SYDCON's programmers to turn any visual design into a functioning website


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