A business owner needs the ability to track their inventory when products are sold. What price things are being sold for and how many are left in stock are both vital pieces of information for any business owner. You can picture how this happens in a physical store: walk to where the product is displayed, find the price, and find how many are sitting on the shelf and in the warehouse. But what about on a website?

Online inventory management and inventory tracking systems can be developed so a business owner can maintain control over their own website inventory.

  • When an online order is placed, the item is subtracted from the total available inventory on the backend
  • The availability status of each product is listed so the owner knows when to order more
  • The availability number is a dynamic number whose constant fluctuation is calculated through mathematics within the website's database
  • Alert flags and emails can be programmed to generate for low-stock inventory reports
  • Reports can be written and generated based off current inventory levels, what is on hand and what is low
  • Responsive ordering according to inventory levels is possible, with the number of product available online for purchase post-order calculated automatically by the database

On the public side, a website user will either see that there is limited availability of a product through a ow inventory warning, or the product can be removed/hidden from items currently available for purchase. Real-time inventory levels, inventory reports, and customer visual levels are all part of the management and tracking system.

Know the status of your online product inventory at all times.

Let the monitoring of your E-commerce website's product be programmed by SYDCON. Our Online Inventory Management services are second to none in their functionality because they are developed specifically for you, your business' website, and your product. Our team of expert developers has programmed countless online inventory management and tracking systems throughout their time with SYDCON and continues to prove their consistent quality by the satisfaction of our customers.

We hope you reach out to us with your website inventory management needs. Our office is located in Chicago. Available five days a week, Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, SYDCON is here to help.


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