Our Response And Commitment To Recent Events

To our SYDCON family, 

As developers, innovators, consultants, confidants, problem solvers and solution providers, SYDCON understands the importance of equality, collaboration and passion. Since March, life as we know it, has drastically altered due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While businesses, schools, and essential places for our everyday lives were forced to close or become virtual, SYDCON continued its work to ensure online platforms and software were efficient and functioning to keep up with the new virtual society we all had to assimilate too. When transitioning and making the commitment to work from home, the SYDCON team had no question in prioritizing the safety of their employees, families, and our communities.

While COVID-19 created a “new normal”  in all our lives, and provided us with a wish of returning back to the old ways SYDCON was used too, the team realizes that “normal”, is not the same, or positive for everyone. As an equal opportunity employer and company that is dedicated to diversity and inclusion, SYDCON condemns any form of racism, disclusion, inequality, or hate towards any and all vulnerable communities. As stated in our mission statement, “ We are committed to building solid relationships with our clients based on trust and  communication” through “empowering businesses to reach their full potential”. When working with clients or our team, there is a zero tolerance policy in regard to racism and inequality at all levels.

As a company in the Greater-Chicago area, SYDCON understands society and businesses thrive in a world of diversity and inclusion. The technological world is constantly evolving, resulting in needing bold, forward thinking and solutions providing individuals that are committed to the empowerment of others and an equitable workplace and society. It is our job to unite and connect communities, not divide them. 

SYDCON realizes its unique position to aid communities that have been impacted by the pandemic and recent unjust events this country has been forced to endure. Here are some ways SYDCON has worked towards knocking down barriers towards equality and creating a better world for us all:

  1. Working with health care companies in order to provide the best and most technologically advanced treatment for any and all patients, no matter race, sexuality, or socio-economic status. 

  2. Volunteering at GEMS in order to educate and empower young women, especially young women of color, towards their undeniable ability in changing and leading the technological world. 

  3. Working with companies worldwide, as SYDCON understands international collaboration often leads to the best results and creates our team to be conscious, global citizens.  

SYDCON notes that there is much work to be done in order to ensure a fair, just and equitable society, but knows that real change begins at the smallest of levels, and that means commitments at the workplace. SYDCON is committed to facilitating a fair, just and equitable workplace for all. As problem solvers and solution providers, the time is now more than ever, that we must all be a part of the solution towards creating a better world through listening, learning, building and advocating.



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