One of the more frustrating aspects of surfing the internet on a mobile device is following a trail of links that leads you to where you want to go, only to have that website be nearly impossible to view. Websites that are not responsive and adaptive to the type of device being used can experience problems in many areas:

  • Barely readable text
  • Unnatural page size with awkward scrolling and readability
  • Fixed positioning
  • Limited functionality

These are all problems that lead people away from websites. It is much easier to click the "back" button on your smartphone or tablet web browser than it is to try and follow minuscule links. In the age of technology we now live in, most people have web access from their mobile devices and are using those to browse instead of waiting until they get home to use a desktop or laptop computer. Don't alienate your customer base by frustrating them away from your page. Responsive web development can limit the loss of frustrated customers.

How do you make this happen? You've already developed a website and now you're being told you need a different one? Don't worry; SYDCON can create a responsive website for any mobile device. We have the skills to seamlessly translate a responsive website design into a website that adapts to an array of devices. 

A responsive website recognizes the device that is accessing your website and sends the correct version of the website to whatever type of device is being used. You as business owner do none of the work; let SYDCON and your website do it all for you.

  • Our local, Chicago-based team of expert programmers has developed responsive websites for countless clients. Our talents extend beyond traditional website development: we can accomplish any task regarding websites and their development imaginable.
  • We routinely partner with responsive website designers and agencies to develop their vision with forward-thinking functionality.
  • We are a Chicago Responsive Web Developer and are Apple-approved.
  • We believe that each business and its needs are totally unique, so we provide individual projects customized specifically for you.

Questions? Concerns? We would love to be part of your decision; SYDCON hopes to be involved in making your responsive website dynamic and effective. You can contact us Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm at 815-596-9030.


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